Andy Turner Motor Engineering Wheel Alignment in Leeds West Yorkshire

From the driver’s point of view, there are several reasons why you should ensure your wheels are correctly aligned (also called tracking).

Making the most of your money, correct wheel alignment ensures your tyres wear evenly allowing you maximise the cost of your tyres and getting the maximum wear from them, incorrectly aligned wheels can cause uneven and premature wear to your tyres which can result in a tyre having to be replaced well before it needs to be.

Being compliant with the law, if you drive a vehicle fitted with an illegal or defective tyre which could be caused by poor wheel alignment, you are at risk of receiving a Fixed Penalty Notice.

Staying safe, uneven tyre wear can be detrimental to how your vehicle drives, as shown below unevenly worn tyres can effect grip, vehicle handling and braking, especially in adverse weather.

andy turner motorsport and track day preperation

At Andy Turner Motor Engineering we have invested in the most advanced wheel alignment system available, delivered in house by our engineers. Our Vamag Wheel alignment system is designed by and operated by experts ensuring that your tyres are aligned perfectly in line with manufacturers recommended settings for your safety.

Call us on 0113 278 4003 or email us for information on our 4 wheel alignment services.

andy turner motorsport and track day preperation